Christmas markets 2015

Christmas Markets 2015

Exiting things are happening! We’ll be on a Christmas market next Sunday and a Viking market the Saturday after that. To prevent inventory issues we’ve closed the webshop.

Shiny Silver

We’ll reopen the webshop again in January and we’ll have beautiful rings and pendants in Silver then too! Like this gorgeous pendant with a beautiful pink agate cabochon wrapped in curly silver (935) wire and with sterling silver beads. Eye candy I’d say!

pink cabochon silver
Pink agate cabochon wrapped in Silver wire. ©Zandiepants

And sharing some love with this cute heart. So many lovely curly details in it. And the Swarovski bead dangling at the bottom is simply gorgeous. The nice clean bail leaves the heart dangling from the necklace on a little bit of a angle for a fun whimsical look. (Can you tell I’m loving the silver? Haha )

Silver (935) heart with dangling swarovski bead. ©Zandiepants
Silver (935) heart with dangling swarovski bead. ©Zandiepants