FUN Zentangle Challenge Entry

FUN Zentangle Challenge

Diane & Carolien's Zentangle ChallengeEach week Diane & Carolien’s Weekly Zentangle Challenge puts out a challenge for folks to make their own representation of Diane & Carolien’s idea.   This week is Challenge #46, the Alphabet challenge of F-U-N. Use tangles starting with the letters F, U & N in your drawing. It’s your choice to only use patterns with these letters or to add some others as well. Happy Tangling!! We look forward to seeing what you come up with for your F, U & N. Next week are moving to A-#-X (where # means number, a tangle starting with a number) if you want to think ahead of time



Fun Zentangle Tangles

Pen and Pencil. Used tangles: Frost Flower, Unbatz & Narwal. ©zandiepants
Pen and Pencil. Used tangles: Frost Flower, Unbatz & Narwal. ©zandiepants

Frost Flower: This tangles has captured my eye a couple of times now. Decided today had to be the day to draw it 🙂 fun, simple but love the effect!

Unbatz: One of my favourites when we have to draw an U. I like the fact that you can add little embellishments if you draw it big enough (which I usually forget haha)

Narwal: I love love love the look of this tangle, but haven’t really captured how to draw it yet. Today I decided to follow a little video, I like it, but there are a few things I’d like to improve on next time. (besides some lines that kinda didn’t go where I had told them too).

I actually started drawing this upside down, or well no (I’m so good with words today). I pencilled in the shape of narwal, with the wide part at the bottom. But my curves looked all off, much better when turned upside down. Now this probably doesn’t matter if you work on a original square canvas. But I draw in a sketchbook. Which kinda really has an obvious top and bottom. So I started drawing with the sketchbook upside down. Then half way through decided it had to become the right way up anyway (you still with me?). I really quite like having Narwal hanging down. Yay for following my pencil ‘mistake’. Turned out awesome.

Then I wasn’t too sure about the shading. Narwal is a tricky one. It kept telling me it wanted really dark around it. Not sure if I went to far with it. But the more I look at it the more I  like it. Just need to work on my colored pencil shading so it becomes a bit smoother next time.

Pen, pencil and digital color. Used tangles: Frost Flower, Unbatz & Narwal. ©zandiepants
Pen, pencil and digital color. Used tangles: Frost Flower, Unbatz & Narwal. ©zandiepants


On a total side note. Finally got my new computer. I can start pinning all your entries again! My old computer had more or less given up on anymore more then slow lazy work. Pinning, even browsing certain websites were too much for the poor old thing. It’s retired now, enjoying life in the sunroom where it will only play music (somehow that works fine!)