PSC Zentangle Challenge

The Challenge

Each week Diane & Carolien’s Weekly Zentangle Challenge puts out a challenge for folks to make their own representation of Diane & Carolien’s idea. This week is Challenge #23, the Alphabet challenge of S-P-C. Use tangles starting with the letters S, P & C in your drawing. It’s your choice to only use patterns with these letters or to add some others as well. Happy Tangling!! We look forward to seeing what you come up with for your S, P & C. Next week are moving to C-D-# if you want to think ahead of time (# means Number)


Pen & Pencil. Used tangles: Connesses, Paradox and Shingle. ©Zandiepants
Pen & Pencil. Used tangles: Connesses, Paradox and Shingle. ©Zandiepants

SPC Zentangle Challenge Tangles

My string had started with a good royal mess (I have a sketchbook with some random strings in it, with the idea that I won’t overthink things), not sure how I ended up with so many lines. Must have been a glitch. Anyway, I spend a little time refining my string as it would have gone nowhere fast if I hadn’t.

Connesses: New tangle for me, I love the organic look to it. But found it more tricky to draw then I expected. Specially with not much space to work with it was hard to find a flow in it to make all the shapes ‘line up’. I’m sure I messed up here and there. But I love the look. Lots of white but with enough black definition to make me happy. You can see this tangle swirling around from left to right to the center.

Paradox: Paradox is hugging Connesses, swirling from top to center. I love Paradox. I keep being amazed how a few (or a lot!) straight lines can bring such movement and intricate shapes. I’m also proud to say I only did one or two lines wrong this time. I don’t know if that happens to you, but usually when I’m on a roll, doing really well, all lines perfect. Then BOOM yup did the most obvious thing wrong and draw a line from the wrong side. I can’t explain how, you’d think I’m in a rhythm. But nope, it has to happen. At least now I can smile and think “ok we got this over with, now on with the rest”, in ‘real’ Zentangle spirit 🙂

Shingle: As you might have guessed, I really like this tangle as well. Fairly easy to draw, maximum impact after a little shading. I also kinda like that there are some variations to this out there under different names (I think!), so plenty of oppertunity to use then in this ABC Zentangle Challenge.

Shading and Color explosion

So I have decided to say goodbye to my trusty graphite pencil for shading. At the moment I’m use a ‘natural’ sketchbook, off white paper and a bit rough. Really nice. But I’ve got my next sketchbook ready and it’s very smooth and very white. Did a few drawings in there already (is that cheating?) and found that the graphite is not super happy on it. Not enough to grip onto I think, so the shading doesn’t get as dark as I like it. So I’m practising with colored pencil, but still only grey and black. It’s a different way of doing it really. But interesting and I think I’m starting to get the hang if it.

I went a little crazy with the color again. Hah!

Pen, Pencil & Digital Color. Used tangles: Connesses, Paradox and Shingle. ©Zandiepants
Pen, Pencil & Digital Color. Used tangles: Connesses, Paradox and Shingle. ©Zandiepants