Jewelry by Zandiepants is made from copper or silver wire ,various beads and cabochons.

Copper and silver oxidizes/tarnishes over time (turns into a darker color), I speed this process up, then polish the jewelry to give it a beautiful antiqued look. After this the jewelry is sealed with a high grade wax, to prevent further oxidation and to reduce the risk of the copper jewelry leaving a green mark on the skin (green marks can easily be cleaned of the skin with some soap and water). This wax will wear off over time though, when you see your jewelry getting darker or loose it’s shine, simply use a polishing cloth to buff it up again.

It is not advised to expose the jewelry to harsh chemicals (like those found in swimming pools and hot tubs) or wear the jewelry while exercising, applying lotions, hairspray or other skincare products. Some stones that are used are sensitive to sunlight so prolonged and/or intense exposure should be avoided or the stone can turn dull.

The style of jewelry I make usually has a lot of small details, swirls, curves and weaves. These details can easily tangle up with your other jewelry, so it is advised to keep this separate (in a little pouch for example).
The wire (as thin as 0.3mm!) has some flexibility in it, so in the unfortunate event that it does get bent you can push it back into place. Don’t do this too often though, or the metal will become brittle and break.

It is said that copper holds healing properties, reducing joint pain amongst other things.