UND Zentangle Challenge

The Challenge

Each week Diane & Carolien’s Weekly Zentangle Challenge puts out a challenge for folks to make their own representation of Diane’s & my idea. This week is Challenge #29, the Alphabet challenge of U-N-D. Use tangles starting with the letters U, N & D in your drawing. It’s your choice to only use patterns with these letters or to add some others as well. Happy Tangling!! We look forward to seeing what you come up with for your U, N & D. Next week are moving to O-A-C if you want to think ahead of time.

Celtic Cups?

As you can see I’m still into Zendalas. Still lots of fun. Although this weeks entry is not my favorite. It started out all good, loved the initial shapes. But then I decided to already ink some of the ‘string’ lines. Not a good idea. I ended up with circles, no tangles spoke to me that they wanted to be in a circle, so I went for some Celtic knots that were harder to draw then I had expected. Then I managed to make the cup shapes more prominent. Oh well.

Used tangles: unbatz,not a knot,diva dance
Used tangles: unbatz,not a knot,diva dance

UND Zentangle Challenge Tangles

Unbatz: I’ve used this tangle before, I quite like how you can change the look of it with ease. In this drawing I really like how it forms easily to the shape. Easy to make a decorative border or band with. In this drawing you can see it close to the center between the flowery shape and the circle with the knot in it.

Not a Knot: Issues. Major issues 🙂 On the top and bottom in the drawing you can see my knots as they are supposed to be drawn following the instructions. Made a mistake in the bottom one. But oh well. I was not so pleased with how the straight lines go in the curves. It looks meh. So for the other 4 knots, I drew them out in pencil and then inked it so I could make them all smooth curves. Much much nicer. Impossible for me to keep them all the same size. But that’s fine.

Diva Dance: Diva dance is one of those “If in doubt use …”. Nice and easy tangle that ‘always’ looks cool.

Unbatz, Not a knot, Diva Dance. ©Zandiepants
Unbatz, Not a knot, Diva Dance. ©Zandiepants

Not too pleased with my color choices either. I tend not to redo drawings for these challenges. So here it is. UND Zentangle Challenge Entry.