Weekly Challenge #18: Tangle with B-E-Z

Each week Diane & Carolien’s Weekly Zentangle Challenge puts out a challenge for folks to make their own representation of Diane & Carolien’s idea. This week is Challenge #18, the Alphabet challenge of B-E-Z. Use tangles starting with the letters B, E & Z in your drawing. It’s your choice to only use patterns with these letters or to add some others as well. Happy Tangling!! We look forward to seeing what you come up with for your B, E & Z. Next week are moving to N-B-V if you want to think ahead of time.  For those of you who are working way ahead (you know who you are, the week after is K-A-T

My entry for BEZ

eco-lin, blankanova, Zander,BeadleJoos
Eca-lin, Blankonova, Zander,BeadleJoos

I absolutely love drawing Beadle Joos I quite often use a more simplified version, more a combo between Beadle Joos and Barberpole I guess. But it was nice to go back to the ‘real’ thing. Zander is not one I draw often, but I had a bit of a hard time picking something for Z. So I decided on something that was new. I think it works. Eca-lin is one I’ve been meaning to try for a while, but had a hard time figuring it how to fit it in without the little lines going off the the back getting lost in another pattern. I figured it would work after I found Blankonova. Fun to do, time consuming though! Then when it was all done I thought it looked a little like stars, or a glimpse into another galaxy (yes been watching some science fiction shows!) so off to photoshop for some major coloring 🙂

eco-lin, blankanova, Zander,BeadleJoos
eco-lin, blankanova, Zander,BeadleJoos